Saturday, July 23, 2011

The dawning of the age of Aquarius......

To say that the musical production Hair is an interactive show is definitely an understatement. This production seeks to stimulate all the senses it possibly can. The sight, the sounds, the smell of the theater. The most amazing part of this production is that there wasn't a weak performer on that stage. Everyone from the leads to the ensemble, to the musicians were all fantastic. This production includes depictions of illegal drug use and sex, profanity, and full frontal nudity from both its female and male cast members. Performers are running up and down the isles, up in the mezzanine, climbing on chairs and messing with the audiences hair. As an audience member I had the difficult task of holding on to Berger's pants as he paraded on stage wearing a loin cloth. I did't mind. The actor who played Berger is hot. I almost didn't want to give him back his pants. However, the highlight for me was being able to go up on stage with the cast as they reprise "Let the sun shine in". This wasn't a show about special effects, singers flying across the stage, or a stage full of smoke and mirrors. This is a musical about peace, love, an anti-war movement and just celebrating the fact that you have life. As a member of the audience I came out of that theater wanting to be a hippie in the 1960's. I wanted to have a cause that I believe so strongly in that I will go to great lengths to have my voice be heard. As a performer I came out of the theater with a new found inspiration.  An inspiration that can only come from performers such as this cast that sing with this raw talent and visceral emotion. But I guess when you're standing on a Broadway stage you feel unstoppable.

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